Case Study 2 – Ongoing Maintainance

“I have been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. Alongside my work I train and compete in Ironman competitions around the world, at the time of writing this I have completed over 15 Ironman races and qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Typically I train around 800-1,000hrs per year, as such it is essential for me to keep my body in optimal working order for train consistency and performance. With this in mind I always seek out exceptional people that I trust and rely on to support me keep my body in great shape.

I first heard about Julian from clients of mine. His reputation is justly exceptional. Understanding Julian was a McTimoney Chiropractor that utilises a full body holistic approach appealed to me. I have never experienced any serious injury or pain, and my main motive for wanting to see a therapist was not to cure pain but rather to give me the best chance possible to avoid it. Obviously it would be seriously detrimental to my work and triathlon should I experience any injury. I had my first session with Julian in 2004 and since then Julian has been my therapist.

Being a keen swimmer and cyclist himself I found Julian has an incredible understanding of the demands of the sports and knows just how to identify and treat patterns of compensation that lead to misalignment and sub optimal tissue changes. After every treatment I feel energised, move better and recover better. Also I always get proactive advice on things I can do to support my body. Advice such as tips for sleeping, breathing and remedial exercises and stretches/mobilisations I can do.

Since 2004 Julian has been an essential part of keeping me fit and healthy his treatments and advice extend far beyond the hour I am with him and I firmly believe my continued injury free status and increasing performances could not have been achieved without his contribution. I have no hesitation in recommending Juilan to anyone. Julian, thank you for your care and advice over the years, I look forward to your treatments in the future!”

John W, Personal Trainer and Triathlete