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Julian has been successfully treating people with aches, pains, stresses and strains for over 30 years. A key proponent to the success of his practice is his use of a combination of many different treatments that he has learned and developed over these years.

Chiropractic in combination with clinical sports massage is often used to encourage better function movement patterns. There are many good reasons why one should receive treatment and to look after one’s own bodies. Being treated should be inspirational, relaxing, de-stressing, strengthening and educational. Invest in your body and feel the difference.

Julian has worked professionally as a chiropractor and clinical sports massage therapist since 1991. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science, Complementary Therapies, and successfully graduated as a Chiropractor in 2002. He trained in a variety of body-related therapies, including a Master’s Diploma for the following treatments: clinical sports massage, deep tissue release massage, traditional Thai massage, Swedish and holistic massage. Julian is also qualified to administer acupuncture should his pain management treatment call for this.

During his initial training period, Julian lived in India where he practiced and appreciated the benefits of yoga and meditation. Self-care and management of stress has become an integral part of Julian Ormerod’s way of treating.

Julian has worked as a tutor on many occasions at the School of Holistic Massage, and is often called upon to discuss the benefits of alternative therapy.

Julian is registered with the British Chiropractic Council, the industry’s main Governing and regulatory body, and is also affiliated to the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the British Chiropractic Sports Council. All his work is fully insured.

Julian is also qualified as a Gym Instructor, Pilates Matt Work Teacher and Yoga Teacher. He blends his chiropractic knowledge into Yoga and Pilates to create well balanced exercise Classes. Zoom Classes available, Drop in and private.


Julian’s work is insured by Balens Insurance, the specialist insurance brokers for health and wellbeing professionals and organisations.


Treatments are covered by most major insurance providers. 

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