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Woman having chiropractic back adjustmen


Over the last 30 years, Julian has developed a successful approach for treating people suffering with pain. Everyone is different and therefore each person deserves a specific treatment that is right for them. Julian’s approach embraces a variety of techniques, all of which can help with specific objectives, be these pain-free sleeping, mobility or elite sports enhancement.

1. Blended Treatment

Julian’s work routinely comprises some of the following elements to address pain, discomfort and/or rehabilitation:

  • Massage

  • Sports therapy

  • Medical acupuncture

  • Fitness instructor

  • Pilates (Level 1)

  • Rehabilitation plans

2. Tailored Plan

After initial consultation, Julian designs an appropriate treatment plan, specifically targeted for each individual’s circumstance (pain levels, mobility, injury extent, age, time commitments, additional exercise, nutrition, objectives etc) which may have a bearing upon the proposed treatment plan.

3. Continued Wellbeing

Vitality and wellbeing are paramount for a happy lifestyle, and our health is fundamental in the way we live our lives. Julian’s treatment can highlight early signs of dysfunction allowing for immediate remedial work before the dysfunction manifests itself into further problems. Your physical wellbeing is important to you and those with whom you interact, be this work, family or friends. Help yourself to operate at an optimal performance and to feel good.

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